Call for Abstracts
Abstracts are invited on the 7 themes (Raw Materials, Process Metallurgy, Products, Non-ferrous Metals, Energy, Environment and Waste Utilization, Advances in Materials Science, Industry 4.0). Abstract submission will start after 15th June 2018. The last date for abstract submission is 10th of September 2018. The abstract, not exceeding 500 words and prepared as per the below guidelines, should only be submitted online at

Abstract Guidelines:

Please write a paragraph (maximum 500 words) containing the following:

a. Start the abstract by stating the significance of your topic and area of research
b. Articulate the prevalent state-of-the-art, focus areas and key gaps that your work will be covering
c. Detail the scope of work that was done which will be presented in this talk
d. Highlight the key results and insights obtained in this work
e. Describe the significance and future of this work

Abstracts sent directly via e-mail will not be considered. Abstracts should be prepared using the template provided.

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